This one’s intelligent – really.

Sure everybody talks about an intelligent framework or theme, but this one is. The problem with a designed fanpage is that it needs to be updated, and that takes time and a lot of know-how.

This Facebook page draws information from your website, and you do not need any knowledge of web design stuff to have an awesome always up to date Facebook fanpage.

It sets up just like your website

What about setup?

The app is already written for you, all you need to do is to add a page to your website like you would a normal page, add widgets like you would any widgets and register your app with Facebook to use on your fanpage.

No technical know-how is required, only a few extra steps, all clearly explained in the included helpfile.

Always up to date

Because the Facebook app Feeds of your live website, information is as up to date as your website itself. No need to change content on your Facebook page. Just setup and forget.

Now how cool is that?