(English) A5. Wudang Taichi – Sanfeng Taichi Sword (4 months)

A5. Wudang Taichi – Sanfeng Taichi Sword (4 months)

After inventing Taichi Boxing, Grand Master Zhang Sanfeng created the Taichi Sword, which has become the technique to be learned determinately by the masters generation after generation.

While features Taichi Boxing’s characteristics of nimble, soft and continuing, it is elegant, unconventional and vivid. The practice requires evenly smooth out constituting a lasting appeal.

Consolidating with the advantages of other swordsmanship, it contains 13 postures, i.e., split, stab, stir, sweep, poke, hang, skim, stir, smear, intercept, hit, and lift.

Note: Chinese version shows only 12勢

It also combines Tao’s health preservation method. When practice, the sword follows the body and the qi follows the consciousness. By doing this, one improves both internally and externally.



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