E07. Chen Style Taichi –  The 49 Postures Sword

elementary:  4 months; intermediate: 2 months

This is the representative of the Chen Style Taichi with weapons.

It combines the unique silk reeling technique to concentrate the strength in the wrist which controls the sword’s movement of pointing, stabbing, striking, hanging, supporting, sweeping, roving, dodging, and converting. This powerful swordsmanship is compact and coherent with complicating and penetrating motions which fits the Yin-Yang properly.

The characteristics are profound, natural, unconventional, vivacious, and changeable.

When practice, it needs to let the mind to guide the qi and let the qi to move the body, so that the strength can pass through the sword to reach the highest boundary of the body-sword combination.


Video Demonstration (click the pciture)