14th generation Bearer of Wudang San Feng Sect, Grandmaster Taoist Zhong Yun Long

Grandmaster Taoist Zhong Yun Long is the 14th generation Bearer of Wudang San Feng Sect, an orthodox inheritor of Wudang kungfu. Since the age of thirteen, he has been on the quest of kungfu learning and practiced under different masters. Enlightened by several great masters, Zhong joined Wudang when he was nineteen. Probably owing to the passion for Chinese traditional culture or an entangled fate with Wudang, Zhong felt just like a bird returning to forest in Wudang, to where it belonged. After years of studies and practice, he eventually becomes a great master.

Diligent in his studies and concrete in his martial arts foundation, Zhong impressed his fellows soon in Wudang. Zhong’s teachers passed him the exclusive knowledge of gold wrapping and Acupoint pointing through traditional verbal teaching. Even he accomplished his studies, he did not dare to slack. Three years later, he visited grand mountains and temples to collect the dispersed Wudang Kungfu and knowledge. He met masters who once lived in Wudang and humbly asked for the lost secrets from Wudang.

Taoism esteems quietism and harmony with the rest of the world, so as Wudang kungfu.

Wudang San Feng Sect disciples stay aloof from worldly matter and do not emphasize much on religious rituals. Apart from promoting and passing on Wudang martial arts, they mostly live a hermit life. Kungfu is not just routine and move­­­, it is a culture in Wudang. The Taoism of Wudang kungfu teaches practitioners to focus on themselves and nourish life through Meridian practice. In order to do this, Grandmaster Zhong lived in spiritual seclusion for five years in a mountain cave, away from the crowd. He meditated and practiced kungfu in day time, and read and wrote in the evening. Such a simple life helped him integrate into nature and reached a new realm of life.

Wudang kungfu focuses on internal boxing, which carries life nourishing characteristics. Internal kungfu put great emphasis on the training of spirit, Qi and mind. It sharpens people will through meditation. With the aid of disciplined practice of external kungfu to improve circulation of blood and meridian channels, physical fitness and longevity can be achieved.