C1. Wudang Dynamic and Static Qigong (3 months)

C01. Wudang Dynamic and Static Qigong  (3 months)

In the past, Dynamic and Static Qigong was passed only to the superior Taoists within the temples and never to the outsiders.  Comparatively, the learner can easily gather, increase or fell the qi being cultivated and circulated, strengthen the blood flow inside the body.   Once turning on the qi cultivation, learner’s body or Datian are becoming warmer and warmer.  Organs, maridian channels, spirit, and thus the internal health will be benefited and improved gradually.

The learners can sit on the chairs and practice breathing which allows the Qi to circulate from the lower part of the abdomen to the whole body so as to smooth the meridians. Consolidating the health preservation methods of Taoist, the series engages the practitioners to practice the joints, smooth the meridians, massage the acupuncture points, harmonize the breathing, coagulate the inner Qi and apply some other unique Taoist practices. The practitioners would stimulate the blood and Qi circulation, rest the mind and nourish the Qi. This helps to enhance the immunity and ultimately reach the state of healthy and prolong one’s life. 

As the practice covers most of the 12 meridians, the Ren & Du Meridians, and the key organs, it can especially improve the systems of cardiovascular, digestion, respiration, urinary, incretion, five organs, liver, kidney and the nervous. Through the practice, one can nurse the body, release the pressure and depression, and cure insomnia.  The daily practice takes about 0.5 hour and can be done in various venues. The practice can also be divided into different sections and the learners can choose the sections according to their own needs. After practicing the Qigong, one will have a good blood circulation and a healthy look.

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