D06. Wudang Baxian Staff 

elementary: 4 months; intermediate: 2 months

This nimble and graceful staffing technique makes use of the behaviors and postures of the Eight Fairies to set the movements and the related naming. By blending the drunken manner of the Eight Fairies into the movements, the staffing confuses the enemy by showing weakness of the drunkards. In fact, the leg method follows the eight trigrams and the staff changes unpredictably. Therefore, it strikes where the enemy is unprepared.  Containing Wudang’s characteristic of tempering the force with softness, it stresses the smoothness of hands and arms and the unification of the body and the staff, leading the strength to the tip of the staff, as well as hitting densely.  The staffing contains the boxing theory of the eight trigrams and five elements which internally exercise the Qi and spirit. These excellent techniques of attack and defense include sweeping, pointing, striking, etc. Practicing of this staff would enhance one’s health, nourish inner organs and temperament.


Video Demonstration (Click the picture)