C1. Wudang Nourishing Life Practice – Meditation for Internal Preservation (3 months)

C1. Wudang Nourishing Life Practice –  Meditation for Internal Preservation (3 months)

Sit-in Meditation is a Taoist practice for cultivating the inner force of higher order. It serves as the pre-practice of the Dan Force.

It does not only physically recuperate health and prolong life, but also enlighten one’s mind. It is a way to nourish the nature and reinforce the mind.

According to the Chinese traditional medicine theory, sit-in mediation can make one communicate with one’s own body. The practice recuperates and nourishes the inner organs. During the practice, the distracting thoughts decrease and the qi moves in the most natural way.  Thus, the life energy lost in daily life recovers.

Sit-in meditation helps one to reach the integration of man and nature in which, worry and oneself pass into oblivion. Consistent practice is good for one’s disposition and physical body.

It is also the preparation to open up the Ren Meridian and Du Meridian. When the circle of vital energy circulates well, the meridians have enough oxygen to activate the cells to enhance the immunity and self-healing power.  Through this, the chance of getting chronic diseases would be reduced.

Through consistent practice, one would become peaceful, calm and healthy.


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