Introduction of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, born in 1952, is the third son of 18th generation Chen style Taichi master Chen Zhaoxu, the grandson of 17th generation Chen style Taichi master Chen Fa Ke. Since childhood, he practiced Taichi under his father with his older brother. They practiced long hour daily, advancing their skills and strength in very young age. Today, renowned Chen style Taichi masters such as Chen Ziqiang, Chen Zijun, Chen Bing, Chen Jun and Chen Yingjun, have all learnt under Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing.

In recent decades, Chen has focused on education and has nurtured thousands of  Taichi elites. He has led his students and disciples to major international, national and provincial kungfu competitions with outstanding achievements.

Between 1979 and 1982, Chen won 7 championships in Taichi, Taichi pushing hands, swords categories in national kungfu competitions.

From 1983, Chen took office in Chenjiagou Teaching School. Since then, he has been teaching kungfu throughout the country.

From 1985, through invitations, Chen has represented Chen style Taichi as orthodox inheritor visiting oversea countries, such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Russia…etc. Oversea kungfu enthusiasts from Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Israel, Britain and South Korea have requested to apprentice to him.

In 2000, Chen was appointed to be the principal of Chenjiagou Taichi School.