Wudang Taichi – Students’ experience/demonstration

Wudang Taichi – Students’ experience / demonstration。

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21. “I am less fatigue and less sleepy during night shift, physique and vitality are stronger! Wudang Kungfu is very interesting, I can’t believe I can do it at my age!  – Lam Chi-Ho,Airport night-shift worker, 200101

20. “I admire Wudang Kungfu, which advocates nature and life nourishing, it’s like recharging my body to keep me healthy and I don’t need to take supplements any more! I admire ShiXu master! – The environment here is good, and fellow members are friendly, with amicable relationship !  – Tammy Wong, banking employee, 200101

19. “My daughter used to go to Chinese Medical doctors more often than I. She started to practice Taichi when she was a primary five student. During her three years’ Taichi exercise, she didn’t have any colds nor sickness, and her rhinitis allergic were much better! My Chinese Medical doctor and her high school teacher asked me how to recuperate to regain her physical wellness!!”  – Fan Hugh Yim, housewife, 180807(video work-in-progress)

18. “My diabetes, fatty liver, eye pain, high blood pressure, and insomnia all gone! I also lost 69 pounds! I restore my health and mental vitality as I am 30s, even though I am nearing 60 years old now!”  – Tse King Wong, businessman,180805

17. “It takes me to another level of Tai Chi and keeps me energetic even though there are frequent entertainment and business trips!”  – Dr. Eric Chin, Visiting Professor-Hong Kong University, 180805

16. “The improvement in my physical and mental health is very obvious! My friends admire my youthfulness, beautiful skin, happiness, radiant face, a beautfiful silver hair grandmother with an enviable teenage face!” - Kong Yuet Kwan, real property business woman, 180131

15. “Legs have more strength, knee pain and breathing are improved when climbing mountain slopes! It is easy and relax to practice TaiChi Qigong. Furthermore, it does not require a large area to practice!”- Lai Yuk Tong, clerical staff, 180127

14. “It helps me to slow down body degeneration! My body is more agile and soft, the upper respiratory tract infections are less frequent, and body’s recovery ability is enhanced! ” - Peter Tsang, engineer, 180125

13. “A medical doctor has changed her skepticism towards Qigong and has experienced Qi personally. She no longer gets tired easily. Her mental spirit, vitality and strength are much better. She can cope with stress easily! She is overjoyed to have her physical body and mental health improved!” - Dr. Au, Ho Yan, 180125

12. “I feel Qi has formed a cushion around my body, this has once protected me from a man bumped into me. I reaalized that TaiChi united with Qi, and my body naturally bounced that man away, and he did cry out in pain!” - Mak Kwok Ying, accountant, 180121

11. “I used to get sick frequently, but now I am energetic, my tendons are loosened, and I am much healthier!” - Man Nor, college student,180121

10. “After long hours of teaching and research, I could get tired easily. My spine was hurt even by sneezing. My physical health and spirit are now improved! TaiChi is an elegant and well-being nourishing exercise with intrinsic culture!”- Toa Kin Man, associate professor,180121

9. “Productivity has been increased by 40%, employees’ comprehension and  response are much faster. Our company’s profitability and employees’ physical and mental health are greatly benefited, this is a win-win situation! This is a great discovery to let employees practice Wudang life nourishing exercise for 30-45 minutes every day.” - Tse King Wong, businessman,171217

8. “Thigh and Qi volume are completely different than before. There is no more shortness of breath, breathing is smooth and comfortable, ligaments and bones are vibrant, and strength of my legs is greatly improved.”   Tam Man Lung, purchasing supervisor,160808

7. “Using the learned Wudang Qigong breathing method, I was the first one to reach mountain top” Cheung Lai Yin, 160807

6. “My master not only pays attention to my physical moves, but also patiently encourages me to learn Wudang philosophy, inhale, exhale, air flow inside human body, and helps me to comprehend the profound knowledge of TaiChi Boxing.” - Dr. Eric Chin, visiting professor – Hong Kong University,150907

5. “Wudang’s internal and external KungFu have improved my blood pressure, insomnia which troubled me for many years have gone. I am energized and refresh. I can feel and experience how to inject Qi into my Dantian, use internal force, and apply it to strike and defense! ” -  Siu Wing Kei,  ex-Chairman of Federation of Civil Service Union, 140821  

4. “Wudang TaiChi and life-nourishing exercises, no matter it is in movement or in tranquility state, they are both elegant. They greatly improve my physique and mental spirit! Eyes, hands, and shoulders are more flexible. I am more relax and feel at ease!” - Dr. Toa Kin Man, associate professor, 140807

3.“After practicing Wudang TaiChi and life-nourishing exercises for nine months, my long term respiratory problem has been healed without taking medicine! At the same time, I am rejuvenated, health and vitality seem to be back to teenage state. Also, my body weight has been reduced by 30 pounds!” - Mak Kwok Ying, accountant, 140728

2. “It is out of my expectation that Wudang TaiChi and life-nourishing exercises can improve my health and internal strength again!” - Yi Yeun Fun, clerical staff,140728

1.“Life is in breathing. I learn from Wudong TaiChi and Internal Qong to control my breathing, combine flow of Qi with Wudong Boxing.” - John, corporate development, 140726


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