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New Class Express: 1.”Wudang Taichi/Kungfu, Chen style Taichi”- Our academy teaches authentic Taichi, Qigong, Internal Alchemy and Kungfu. Practicing external and internal Kungfu helps train muscle and joint, chi and mind. All-round, in-depth, self-cultivating, and stress-relieving, Taichi can entertain as a good pastime and improve health. Move routine, breathing method, application and boxing theory will be taught. 2.“Wudang Dynamic and Static Qigong” improves weak health, blood and Qi circulation, and respiration of Dan Tian. 3.“Wudang Sleeping Practice” improves the quality of sleep. Students practice internal kungfu during sleep and improve physical condition. 4.“Wudang meditation for internal preservation” and “Wudang standing meditation practice” relieve stress and help reach the integration of man and nature, open up the Ren Meridian and Du Meridian which at the end enhance the internal kungfu and strength. 5.“Wudang Taoist Eight Brocades Exercise {Standing Practice, Intermediate Sitting Practice, High Level Danfang Eight Brocades Exercise (internal alchemy )}”trains joint and bone, strengthens waist and kidney, better circulates blood, conditions organs and exercises spirit, Qi and mind.