(English) A1 Wudang Taichi – The 13 Postures (4 months)

A1 Wudang Taichi – The 13 Postures (4 months)

As the most valuable of Wudang, the 13 Postures was created by Grand Master Sanfeng. While featuring in softness and continuing, it solves the attack along with steps and touch, harmonizes by being easy-going in manner but highly principled, practices qi, enhances the spirits, avoids the strength, strikes the weakness, leverages the attacker’s strength to hit back, takes control through moving late, combines the movement and steadiness, and improves both internally and externally.

Consist of 13 groups of symmetric motions strong in attack and defense, the Postures contains three kinds of inner school boxing: the breathing guidance, collection & nutrition and standing meditation practice. The whole series internally practices the eight meridians and the related five organs. Externally, its five steps and eight methods mix the internal boxing and health preservation together. The key points are: spiritually purified, erect the head naturally, contain the chest & straighten the back, sink the shoulder & lower the elbow, and tip the tongue against the upper jaw.

When practice, it is necessary to meet the six mixtures coordinating the postures and the spirit in the forms of posture & consciousness, consciousness & qi, and qi & spirit. The six mixtures can extend the life expectancy by improving both the inner and outer body.

The key of the motion is continualness like the flying clouds and running water with natural rhythm. The subtle combination of the strength and softness can counter strong attack with light movement.

The movement and steadiness look like needles in the cotton as it’s the combination of strength and softness. The breath focuses naturally with deep, long and even movement reaching the root. By doing this, the aim of improving the health and life expectancy can be reached.



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