(English) A3. Wudang Taichi – Taihe Boxing (3 months)

A3. Wudang Taichi – Taihe Boxing (3 months)

Simple and short, Taihe Boxing has 22 postures and takes only 2-3 minutes to perform.

Matching the twelve numbers of Dizhi (Earthly Branches of the Chinese Era), Taihe Boxing contains the circulation and transformation of Taichi, Yin-Yang, the five elements and the eight trigrams to assist the cultivation. Featuring the style of wilderness and fairy land, it is free from the mortal world.

During the practice, one stands as firm as the mountain and moves as leisure as the cloud. Once move, move wholly; and once stand, stand still wholly.

The steady practitioner calms like Wuji which is indestructible and unbreakable. The leisure practitioner moves like Taichi which is capable of destroying any stronghold and break any solidness. When being steady, there is non-self and non-thing. When moving, the motion follows the mind. Only the softest and slowest can become the strongest and fastest.

The essence of Taihe Boxing is the grand harmony coordinating the movements and relaxation of the bones and meridians. The practice harmonises the five organs, four limbs, the whole body as well as the pores and cells. On the whole, the motions are rotary, fair, relax, quiet, soft and long-lasting.

After long-term practice, one shall create own primary aura moving together with the body that smoothing bloodline and vital breath, as well as relaxing tendons and meridians.



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