(English) A4. Wudang Taichi – The 108 Postures (6 months)

A4. Wudang Taichi – The 108 Postures (6 months)

Tracing to the same origin of The 13 Postures and The 28 Postures, The 108 Postures is originated from Grand Master Zhang Sanfeng.

Through watching the fight between the bird and snake, Grand Master comprehended the truth of reinforcement, neutralization, and independency between the softness and hardness. Then, he applied the theory of Yin-Yang, five elements and the eight trigrams in the invention of the boxing mixed with Taoist health preservation as well as the internal and external routine of human body.

Containing 108 postures under eight divisions, the boxing is the combination of softness and hardness as well as the interval of dynamic and static.

Long-term practitioners would be able to cultivate their own moral character and be collected with peace of mind with smooth meridians, and strong internal/external strength. Thus, life would be prolonged.



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