(English) B2. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – Xuanwu Boxing (4 months)

B2. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – Xuanwu Boxing (4 months)

Xuanwu Boxing, one of the Liangyi series, is the representative of Wudang’s internal school boxing. According to the boxing theory, ‘Taichi is the harmony of Yin and Yang; Liangyi is the division of the two.’

The naming of the boxing based on its motions of both fast or slow and hard or soft.

The boxing specializes in practicing the eyes, body, method, step and Huanyuan force (explosive force and bouncing force). Its characteristics are: moving like dragon, sitting like tiger, dodging like lighting and striking like thunder.  Since it can gain mastery by striking even after the enemy has struck, it has good practical effect. Thus, it is a must learn long boxing in Taichi school.



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