(English) B4. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – Seven Star Sword (4 months)

B4. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – Seven Star Sword (4 months)

This is an ancient swordsmanship originated from many years ago. Due to the argument on its origin and heritage, it has once disappeared.

Moving like flying cloud and flowing water, this swordsmanship is the combination of softness and hardness which poses like running dragon in fast and slow paces.

The unconventional movement possesses natural grace mixing the sword together with the practitioner. It is quiet like breeze staining with nothing and acting like dragon soaring into the space. It wholly performs the nimbleness and elegancy of Wudang swordsmanship and the martial arts’ characteristic of collecting force for striking from the inner strength.

Practicing of this swordsmanship engages the practitioner to become vigorous, agile, and healthy.



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