(English) B5. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – “Dan" Sword (4 months)

B5. Wudang Liangyi Boxing – “Dan" Sword (4 months)

This is one of Wudang’s treasurable swordsmanship. According to the genealogy, it was passed by Emperor Zhenwu to Grand Master Zhang Sanfeng for vanquishing the devils to protect Tao.

The “Dan" Sword maintains that spirit, the origin of all, is of the first importance and when the spirit is full, Tao is reach. According to Grandmaster Sanfeng, the learner should first practice the inner force (concentrate the spirit and gather the strength to reinforce the qi), than the external force, and finally the movement of arm, eyes, body, and step of the swordsmanship.

The key of ordinary swordsmanship is the unification of the sword and the body. But, the “Dan" Sword’s demand is the trinity of spirit, sword and body.

The Wudang sword manual says that ‘The key of the practice is non-stop.  The body unifies with the sword, and the sword unifies with the spirit. Where there is no sword, there is the sword everywhere. When one understands the meaning, one can study the major doctrine.’



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